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Hello there! My name's Cemara Dinda, but all my life I've always been called Maya. And it's easier for some people to say anyways, haha. I started reading when I was 2 years old, or attempted to read anyways. But I can't remember the time where I just didn't like to read. I'm your not-so-average 16 year old girl, just living her life, trying to color it as, colorful, as she can. 

Well I started this blog very recently, which is in 2010. I've just begun to discover the idea of book blogging, so I thought I would make one of my own. I call my blog Me and the Bookshelf Life because I moved around a lot, and I would have to pack and unpack my books every time. My books and I have been through a lot in life so far, and they will always be in it. 

Me and the Bookshelf life mostly contain books in the Young Adult/ Teen genre. And right now, I'm a sucker for the whole paranormal romance, fantasy and supernatural zest in books. But you can also find realistic young adult fiction in the blog. 

Besides reading, I LOVE music. And my biggest musical inspiration and role model is Taylor Swift. She taught me to always be myself, take chances in life, and to never be afraid of speaking up. In my spare time I like to play guitar and write, usually in my trusted journal. 

I'm an only child and I live in a cozy (yet sometimes chaotic) city in Bogor, Indonesia with my lovely mother. 

Well that's all about little ol' me, hope you'll find your way in my blog enjoyable. 


"Fearless is having fears, but you jump anyway-"
Taylor Swift

Here's my Review Policy for other details of my blog. 
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